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Mobile VoIP with Nokia phones

Make free calls on your Nokia phones

mobile voip

Mobile VoIP is a new way of using your Nokia phone by routing calls over the internet rather than via traditional mobile operators - thus cutting out the middle man and saving you money.

Nokia VoIP SIP client enables customers to make free phone calls to other ABC-VoIP users or very cheap phone calls to anyone else in the world from your mobile phone.

Nokia VoIP phones works wherever you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi or over 3G- and the availability of wireless connectivity.

What Nokia phones does it work on?

Mobile VoIP brings VoIP to mass-market mobile phones, starting with Nokia's new VoIP enabled E Series and N Series phones. You can visit our VoIP configuration instructions to find out how to make VoIP work on your Nokia, clicking on the Nokia phone model you already own.

Nokia E series phones VoIP Configuration guides

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Nokia N Series phones VoIP Configuration guides

Nokia N79Nokia N79Nokia N80nokia n80

Nokia N80ienokia n80ieNokia N81nokia-n81

Nokia N81-8GBnokia n81-8gbNokia N82nokia n82

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Nokia N95nokia n95Nokia N95-8GBnokia n95 8gb

Nokia XpressMusic phones VoIP Configuration guides

Nokia 5630 XpressMusicNokia 5630

Nokia 5730 XpressMusicNokia 5730

Nokia Navigator phones VoIP Configuration guides

Nokia 6710 NavigatorNokia 6710

You can also check all the latest Nokia models supporting Nokia VoIP implementation here.

Other Mobile Phones

If your phone is not listed above you might still be able to use Mobile VoIP, with a third part software.

Setup ABC-VoIP calls on your Nokia phone.

If you have a cell phone from Nokia on the Symbian (3rd edition), it should have build in support for SIP protocol (VoIP calls / Internet Calls).

Having at home or in office a WiFi hotspot you can easily set your mobile phone to connect to this access point and be able to make VoIP calls.

Lets say you have an extension (account) created on ABC-VoIP (ex.:8881111111) and you know the password for it

In your phone, create in «Settings/Connection/Access points» WiFi connection with AP.

Choose «Settings/Connection/SIP Settings» and create a profile with following parameters:

ABC-VoIP Profile config:

Service profile: IETF
Default Access point: Indicate your WiFi AP
Public user name: sip:8881111111@sip.abc-voip.com
Compression: No
Registration: Allways on
Security: No
Proxy server address: sip:sip.abc-voip.com
Realm: Asterisk
User name: 8881111111
Password: your_password_for_this_account
Allow loose routing: Yes
Transport type: UDP
Port: 5060
Registrar server address: sip:sip.abc-voip.com
Realm: Asterisk
User name: 8881111111
Password: password
Transport type: UDP
Port: 5060
Further, in «Settings/Connection/Internet tel. » you need to make a link with the profile created above.

The mobile phone will search WiFi access point and then will register on ABC-VoIP.

Now, if you want to make a call using VoIP, you simply don't press the green button after dialing the number, but choose options->call->internet call, and the call will be forwarded to ABC-VoIP.

And NO BILLS for these calls from your cell phone operator company! :-)

Some useful stuff:

If you don’t need the permanent registration for receiving calls, but want to use it from time to time, change the Registration: Allways to Registration: When needed.

If your phone says it doesn't find the server, you can replace in configuration sip.abc-voip.com with its IP address ( or better make a ping to sip.abc-voip.com to check if it didn't change)

If you usually are making more VoIP calls than ordinary ones, you may choose the default call to be internet call in phone settings, so you can simply hit the green button as you are usually dialing.



Calling Rates

Mobile VoIP service with Bring your Own Device and Pay-as-you-Go plan has no contract, no monthly fees, no setup fee or disconnection fee, no hidden fees and offers;

  • All calls between ABC-VoIP users FREE - regardless of their locations
  • Calling features like voicemail (receive by e-mail as well), Call Forwarding, Caller ID and many more FREE
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Get started for as little as $10 prepaid credit - for calls to the 28 countries, that'll hold you over for up to 300 minutes! 

Sample VoIP Rates for some popular calling locations are as follows;

See all International calling rates

Receiving calls

Mobile VoIP works seamlessly with your other advanced VoIP Features. For example, if you have Virtual Phone Number, than you can take a call even while you're on the road.

Receiving calls with International Phone Number

You can get a local telephone number from your home country for your cellular phone and your family and friends can call you as a local call - as if you were just across the street. This way they don't have to pay long distance charges to reach you anywhere in the world. All incoming calls are FREE.

You also get great calling features like Voicemail by e-mail, Call Forwarding, Caller ID and many more FREE.


  • International calls from United States
  •  Venezuela Caracas
  •  Moldova Mobile Orange
  •  Germany
  •  Moldova
  •  Venezuela Mobile Movistar
  •  Malaysia Mobile DiGi
  •  Indonesia Mobile Indosat
  •  Mexico Mobile
  •  Italy Mobile Wind
  •  Egypt Mobile Etisalat
    * prices indicated per minute.

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